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Taylormade doesn’t supply

many Inventory type

products, so those we

do offer are tested and

proven to deliver

quality and durability.


Let us help you, call

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we’ll answer all your


Beautiful natural human hair (Indian) is hand vented onto a fine mono

front and top.  The sideburns are P.U. with hand vented hair as well. 

The sides and back are wefted with elastic expansion strips so the

21 ½” base will fit almost anyone.  This wig is light and airy and

competitively priced.   Available in 7 blended colors.


As you can see from the photos, it comes in 4 convenient

lengths and requires very little trimming.  (Place the cursor

over the photo to determine the lengths.)

Click image below to see a sample

base design drawing, product

design features, hair colors

and detailed sizing specifications.

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