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Taylormade makes a wide

range of unique and

specialized designs not 

found anywhere else. 


More options to resolve

client concerns means 

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Even though Taylormade has been hand crafting this design for more than 30 years, it is seeing a resurgence in popularity.


The base is our exclusive two layer “skin” material.  The outer layer is surgical silicone, custom colored for scalp tone.  This is the same material used for medical prosthetic skin.  It resists dye absorption so product can be recolored when needed.  The inner layer is hi-tech, hypo-allergenic polyurethane for sealing the hair roots and creating a smooth and durable surface on the inside. This combination creates a flexible “rubberized” base.  It can be taped or bonded onto the scalp.


The thickness of the base material can be controlled and we are now able to offer a base that is approximately half the thickness of our original design.  The edges of the base are tapered to meet the wearers scalp.  These bases are available up to a 6”x9” size , up to a medium / light hair density – for Men or Women.


This base design was created for our Implant technique.  One to two hairs at a time are implanted by hand (see the photo above).  This means the hair comes right out of the “scalp”.  The angle and direction at which the hair is implanted is carefully controlled and creates the requested style and flow.  This is a very time consuming and artistic creation.


We use only the finest, hand selected and blended Caucasian hair.  Since this product is perfectly suited for hair with cuticles (because all the hair is implanted root end into the scalp) matting and tangling is minimized.  These products are available only with Caucasian hair.  This hair is hand selected for each order to closely match the requested color and texture and then blended to create a beautiful finished product.  All this is done, and controlled, in our production facility in California. 


A plaster cast is required for this design. 

The cast must be well constructed. 

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