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Greg Taylor shares the history of his family’s Company


It all started with the “Taylor Topper”, a unique hard-based hairpiece design created by my father, Glen Taylor, for his personal use in the early 1940’s.  You see, Glen was running for the U.S. Senate in Idaho and wanted to look his age.  He won, with hair!  In the early 1950’s, after politics the Taylor family, including myself at the young age of 7, started making these hairpieces commercially in our Idaho home and within a few years the practical “everyman’s hairpiece” had gone national.  With more than 65 exclusive retailers across the country (remember, this was years before any other national hair company existed) my family relocated to the San Francisco area to build the business.  Tens of thousands of Taylor Toppers were hand crafted with natural European human hair right here in the U.S.A.


But times changed and hairpiece manufacturing moved to Asia. At the same time Taylor Topper fell out of favor to cheaper, softer and lighter products.  I had grown up making hairpieces and by now I was our production manager, having learned everything about hairpiece manufacturing, where I developed and oversaw programs for bleaching, dying, base making and hair implantation techniques.  


I was able to create a number of exclusive design concepts and even had patents granted. But I knew if the family business were to survive, we too would need to relocate our manufacturing overseas and introduce new, lighter, more competitive products.  As I implemented that relocation I was able to personally train several hand-picked facilities to properly execute our quality based procedures. 


By this time Taylor Topper had missed its chance to be one of the “big players” in this profession (and maybe that was a good thing), so in the early ‘80’s my life partner, Diane, and I bought the business from the family, changed the name to Taylormade and took it in the direction for which it was best suited….high quality, limited, custom crafted hair units using mainly natural Caucasian hair while offering superb customer service and support.


Besides directing Taylormade in its new direction, I became involved with the American Hair Loss Council during it’s early development where I was a Board member, founder of the Wholesalers Group and its second President. Later I was an early member of the Transitions International Marketing Group, was a Board member, their President and ultimately became the Administrator for almost 20 years.  I retired from Transitions in May of 2014.


The moral of this brief historical review?  When you work with Taylormade it’s more than just a company – it’s family, knowledge, heritage and trust.


Please know that I am now investing all my energy, time

and experience into making sure Taylormade remains

the ultimate hair replacement supplier, 

exclusively for quality hair replacement

Studios and their clients.

© 2015 by TAYLORMADE

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