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Taylormade doesn’t supply

many Inventory type

products, so those we

do offer are tested and

proven to deliver

quality and durability.


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One of the finest hand-made, human hair full wigs available anywhere,

with the convenience of inventory stock.  We have used the same basic

design for almost 20 years.  Why?  Because it works!  With the input from

Studios that sell a lot of CEO’s, we continually make small improvement.


Durability, comfort and the convenience of

4 cap sizes and 7 blended color choices,

Get all the details ….   

Click image below to see a sample

base design drawing, product

design features, hair colors

and detailed sizing specifications.


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Studio Service Support:

Jen, the happy bride
The wedding kiss
Jen enjoying the bike with her husband
Jen and husband with their bike
This is me before my beautiful hair
I love my beautiful, long brown hair
Integrated partial, front and back
Young teen with full Alopecia

Actual clients wearing genuine Taylormade Hair

All photos in the Taylormade website, other than the main photo of the young woman, show Studio clients wearing Taylormade hair, and all the close-up “parting” photos are from actual client products, not special products just for the web-site.


Since Taylormade does not operate a retail Studio we always want to enlarge our photo library.  If you have quality “before and after” photos of your clients wearing a Taylormade product and would like us to show it and give your Studio credit, please let us know.  If you would like to share with us we will need a signed Model Release with the photos and  some direct compensation is available for your photos.  Call Greg Taylor - (650) 589-2686 – to discuss the details.