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Taylormade makes a wide

range of unique and

specialized designs not

found anywhere else.


Familiarizing yourself with

the available options from

Taylormade will allow you

to resolve more client concerns while making your Studio stand above your competition.


Let us help you, call

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These Implant part units are the most beautiful and realistic recreations of a natural scalp that you will find anywhere.  For your “just-starting-to-thin” client that doesn’t want too much hair.  They are usually attached with clips or bonded.


Made with our exclusive hand Implant technique using only the

finest Caucasian hair in 5 natural colors (1B, 2, 4, 8 and 12). 

The base is approximately 2” wide at the front hairline

tapering out to 3” at the crown and the

length is 6”.  The hair length is 12”.   

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