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Integrations - RIBBON


Taylormade makes a wide

range of unique and

specialized designs not 

found anywhere else. 


More options to resolve

client concerns means 

better and happier clients.  

Let us help you, call 

(650) 589-2686 and 

we’ll answer all your questions.

Designed by you, for your clients who want “some” added hair, our Ribbon Integrations are usually ordered with a top panel.  Panel choices can include P.U., fine mono, French Drawn (see Ordering Options) or you can even get the unbelievable look of an Implant Panel.  Hair choices Include Indian hair, Asian Smooth Cuticle or Caucasian.  (Only Caucasian hair is available if you order an implant panel.)   


Your design choices include 1/8”, ¼” and  ½” ribbon widths, artfully crafted to your specific design.  Front and perimeter designs are your choice (you can specify elastic in the perimeter band if you wish). 

A well done Saran type mold will suffice for any order other

than an Implant order; we need a plaster cast for those. 

Call us at (650) 589-2686 for ordering assistance.

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