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Integrations - CHAIN LINK


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found anywhere else. 


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What makes this design unique is our hand crocheted polyester Chain Link.  It’s small, yet strong.  We will color the Link to the color of the hair and use special “V” knotting so it virtually disappears.

Your design allows the Chain Link spacing to be as tight or open as you desire, controlling the coverage and density of the “added hair”. 


Our Chain Link integrations are usually ordered with a top panel.  Panel

Choices can include P.U., fine mono or French Drawn (see Ordering

Options).  Hair choices include Indian or Caucasian hair.  (If you want

a smooth look you might consider “Asian Smooth Cuticle Hair” – call

for pricing.)   Sorry, implant panels are not available with Chain Link. 


A well done Saran type mold will usually suffice for ordering

purposes.  Call us at (650) 589-2686 for ordering assistance.

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