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Full Head -  Vacuum


·   This category of products are designed to fit Alopecia clients perfectly (who have no hair) and create a  vacuum seal, giving security and comfort. 

·   Requires a plaster mold and base submits to assure a perfect fit.  Extended delivery time due to precision techniques required (usually 10 to 12 weeks – no rush orders)


(Transdermal Membrane Graft – thin skin P.U.)


·   PLASTER CAST is required.  The cast must be well constructed. 

·   A HIGH DENSITY FOAM HEADBLOCK will be created and a vacuum formed, semi-rigid, fitting cap will be created and sent to you for a “trial fitting” onto the client.  This assures that the finished product will have a perfect, comfortable and secure vacuum fit.  All this is done, and controlled, in our production facility in California.         

·   HAIR:  You have a choice of Caucasian human hair or processed Indian hair.  See additional information regarding our Caucasian human hair under “Soft Base Implant” listing.

·   BASE:  A thin, clear, durable, Polyurethane base that fits very precisely, creating a vacuum seal.  This is the lightest and thinnest vacuum base product Taylormade creates.  Metal stays in the

sideburns and nape area are optional.

·   VENTILATION:  This term refers to the

hair beingattached to the base using very

fine knotting.  The hair direction and

volume are carefully controlled.

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