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Vacuum Fullhead 


This category of products are designed to fit Alopecia clients perfectly (who have no hair) and create a vacuum seal, giving security and comfort while offering utmost realism. 

Taylormade’s exclusive implant technique develops a true prosthetic head of hair. More than 140,000 hairs are implanted by hand into our unique two layer “skin” material.  (See our movie)  The outer layer is surgical silicone, custom colored for scalp tone. This is the same material used for medical prosthetic skin.  It looks exactly like skin and resists dye absorption, so the hair can be recolored when needed. The inner layer is hi-tech, hypo-allergenic polyurethane for sealing the hair roots and creating a smooth, comfortable and durable surface next to the wearers scalp. This means the hair comes right out of the “skin” re-creating the look found on a human scalp, with the angle, direction and lift carefully controlled creating the style and flow the client wants. This is a very time consuming and artistic creation. Our overseas production facility has handled this precise work for more than 30 years and was trained personally by Greg Taylor in this technique. 


Taylormade offers implanted vacuums in 3 base configurations. 


·  The MK 10 two part surgical silicone / P.U. flexible base.


·  The Clear Co-polyester thermoplastic firm liner base 

   (for a true vacuum seal) upon which the MK 10 base is bonded.


·  The All Silicone base. 

    This base has a silicone grip and is marginally more flexible.   



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