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We are happy to answer all the questions you might have.


Once we are ready to do business we require the following…


A properly completed Order Form (call us, we’ll walk you through a few), hair sample(s)

and a 50% deposit check for each order.  Finished orders will be shipped C.O.D. or with

a Credit Card number on file.  (See “Policies” page.)


A PLASTER CAST is required for all Vacuum Fullhead orders.  The cast must be well

constructed.  We will then create a high density foam headblock and, from that a 

vacuum formed, semi-rigid, fitting cap will be created and sent to you for a “trial fitting”

onto the client.  This assures that the finished product will have a perfect, comfortable

and secure vacuum fit.  All this is done, and controlled, in our production facility in California.


Details About Our Fullhead Products to Improve the Education of Your Client…


We use only the finest, hand selected and blended Caucasian hair

(unless specific ethnic hair is requested).  Since the design of the implant units are

perfectly suited for hair with cuticles (because all the hair is implanted root end into the scalp)

this minimizes matting and tangling with natural cuticle hair.  We do not use Indian processed hair or synthetic fiber for implant units.


TAYLORMADE inventories its own natural Caucasian hair, hand selects the hair for each order to closely match the requested color and texture and then blends the hair to create a beautiful finished product.  Again, this is done, and controlled, in our production facility in California.


Soft Base MK 10 and Clear Thermoplastic base units - We have developed an exclusive two layer “skin” material.  The outer layer is surgical silicone, custom colored for scalp tone.  This is the same material used for medical prosthetic skin.  It resists dye absorption so a product can be recolored when needed.  The inner layer is hi-tech, hypo-allergenic polyurethane for sealing the hair roots and creating a smooth and durable surface on the inside. This combination creates a flexible “rubberized” base.  The thickness of the base material is carefully controlled to optimize the lift of the hair to re-create a natural appearance and hair direction.  The edges of the base are tapered to meet the wearers scalp.  


The Clear Thermoplastic base bonds the two layer “skin” material to a clear co-polyester plastic base.  This hi-tech material is only .047 of an inch thick and weighs less than 4 grams.  Its rigidity creates a truly vacuum based product.


Pure Prosthetic Grade Silicone is used for our third fullhead vacuum design.  It is somewhat more flexible, and has more grip on the scalp than our two layer base material.


All three of these units are “implanted” meaning approximately 140,000 hairs are implanted, one to two hairs at a time, by hand.  This gives the illusion of hair coming right out of the “scalp”, re-creating the look found on a human head.  The angle and direction at which the hair is implanted is carefully controlled and creates the requested style and flow.  This is a very time consuming and artistic creation (each wig requires more than 30 days of implanting time).  Our overseas production facility has handled this precise work for more than 30 years and was trained by Greg Taylor personally.  (See our video)


TMG - Transdermal Membrane Graft – thin skin P.U. is our final vacuum design.  Its base is a soft, thin, clear, durable, Polyurethane that

fits very precisely, creating a vacuum seal.  This is the lightest and thinnest vacuum base product Taylormade creates.  To obtain a snug,

yet comfortable vacuum seal, we hand shape the edges of each headblock.  Metal stays in the sideburns and nape area

are optional.  Like our other vacuum fullheads, a plaster cast is required, and a submit fitting base will be sent. 

Unlike our implanted units, the hair is “ventilated” onto the thin base.  This term refers to the hair being attached

to the base using very fine knotting.   The hair direction and volume are carefully controlled.   Also different than

our other vacuums, you have a choice of Caucasian human hair or processed Indian hair.  We decuticlize

the root end of the Cuticle hair (removing the outer cuticle layer) to avoid matting and tangling. 


If you have questions please call us at (650) 589-2686



If you have not ordered from us before Taylormade requires

copies of a Hair Studio Business License and a Resale License. 

These can be faxed to us at 650 244-8999


To get Order Forms e-mail us at, call us at 650 589-2686

Or, in a pinch print an Order Form by clicking on the photo at right.

© 2015 by TAYLORMADE

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