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Taylormade Hair  

Facts About Our Caucasian

and Indian Hair


We at Taylormade are very proud of the hair we supply.  It is the most important component of any hair replacement. Unfortunately hair is marketed under many misleading names, but you’ll find Taylormade honest and open about their hair….what to expect, how its prepared and what you get for your money.

CAUCASIAN HAIR - We inventory our own natural Caucasian hair (usually in the form of braids or pony-tails) and we personally hand select the finest bundles of hair for each order, to closely match the requested color and texture, and then we remove the shorter hairs (through a process called “hackling”).  Each hairpiece requires from three to seven hackled braids to be blended together to create a beautiful finished product.  Again, this is done, and controlled, in our production facility in California.  This is the finest natural Caucasian hair you will find anywhere.  If you are ordering a “vented” hairpiece, we carefully decuticlize the root ends by hand, before venting, to minimize matting and tangling.


INDIAN HAIR - (From India) is used in more than 90% of all human hair hairpieces sold in the world today.  Because Indian Hair is always black in color, and larger in diameter than Caucasian hair, it must be processed before use.  However, there are different ways, some better than others, to do this processing.  Greg Taylor was trained by a specialist in bleaching, dying and perming hair.  Mr. Taylor personally trained and set-up our production centers with all of these proprietary techniques.


First, several outer layers of the cuticle must be removed by a diluted acid dip.  This reduces the hair shaft’s diameter to make it softer and closer in texture to Caucasian.  Next the hair must be bleached.  Taylormade’s facility uses a specialized “slow bleach” process to minimize damage.  And finally, we dye the hair to the required colors with a pressure chamber and our exclusive “acid bath” dye system using only the finest dyes. 


Once the hair has been washed several times to remove all remaining dye, it is given a soft body perm (and then air neutralized) creating more texture and a very slight movement to the hair.  Even the perm technique was designed and implemented by Taylormade, using its years of experience.  Only then is it ready to be used in Taylormade’s wide range of products.


Another Choice For You to Consider... 


ASIAN “SMOOTH” CUTICLE HAIR – Hand-picked for its quality and texture, this hair is new to Taylormade.  Finer and softer than normal Chinese hair, we are able to offer this product if you desire a smooth, sleek, straighter look with slightly heavier weight, body and texture to the hair.  (We do not strip the cuticles so it reflects light like Caucasian hair.)  Available for Custom orders only and it is NOT currently available

for vacuum orders.  Delivery takes a little longer and it is

marginally less expensive than Caucasian hair.




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