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All of these Ordering Options

are an extra charge, as

shown on our Price List



(“Dizhen” Panel) – Optional

top panel where the hair is

vented to a fine netting then

pulled, one or two at a time,

up through a super fine

gauze material to recreate

hair coming from the scalp. 

Usually installed in net base units.  (See photo)




CLIPS (Sewn to Base or on a flexible P.U. Strip which tapes to

inside of base.)


HAIR AND BASE SUBMITS – Required when there are multiple hair colors with blends or if there is a complicated base design.  


FOAM HEADBLOCK – If you supply a plaster mold for net or skin based order and desire a perfect fit.  Headblock pricing is included with Vacuum orders.


REPAIRS – Pricing depends on the extent of the repair and the type and length of hair.  Send to Taylormade and we will quote you a price.


PROFESSIONAL DECUTICLIZATION – Forget what you think you know about available “kits” or “urban” techniques.  We do it the way

the production facilities do it, minimal negative effects on the

hair, color or perm while making it beautiful and smooth

again.  Most fullhead human hairpieces need

a gentle, professional decuticlization

after 8 months.  We offer a rush

turn-around service, too.  

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