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Full Head -  



As part of Taylormade’s

unique line of products,

we offer you the

Classic Ultra-Air fullhead.


This design has helped many burn survivors and people with disfigurements.  Let us help you, call 

(650) 589-2686 and we’ll answer all your questions.  




The Classic Ultra-Air incorporates a thin (.047), crystal clear,

precision fitted co-polyester base into which hundreds of small

ventilation holes are hand punched for breathability and comfort. 

Then the base is covered with a fine netting onto which the hair

has been hand vented.  (For Men we usually use “V” looping and

for Women knotted venting, depending on the length of the hair.) 

There is a perimeter of P.U. around the base along with a P.U. parting

area placed according to your specifications.


This design is excellent for burn survivors and clients with scar tissue or scalp disfigurements as well as those with Alopecia or extremely thinning hair.  The co-polyester base even offers protection to clients who may have had a portion of their skull removed.  The base design allows the client to set it into place using just one hand.  It fits

so precisely, many clients don’t even use tape.


This product requires a plaster cast and is available

with Caucasian hair or synthetic fiber.


Watch for Base Drawing and

Tech Sheet Coming Soon!  

In the meantime call us at

(650) 589-2686  


© 2015 by TAYLORMADE

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